uHow To Fly Certainlyv

White curtain is shaking.

It seems that the wind manipulates.

I want to erase the made feeling.

I donft necessarily want to tell freedom.

He does not want to become free but it becomes free.

Spare time is disliked although freedom is searched for.

I canft understand what is desired.

I want to fly in the sky freely.

I want to swim in the sea freely.

I want to sing a song freely.

I want to talk with you freely.

I want to know freedom freely.

What is really freedom?

Who understands freedom truly?

What do you want to carry out now?

Is performing it possible?

Are you freedom if it is possible?

We make language too much.

First of all, I will stop it.

Language is not required to fly in the sky.

Language is not required in order to swim in the sea.

Language is not required if a rhythm sings.

Conversation is made, even if there will be no language, if the heart leads to you.

The heart should know what is free.